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Corniel is a percussion colourist who stands head and shoulders above most of his peers. His great artistry is informed by his flawless technique, which he embellishes with his consummate taste. In fact Cornel is almost akin to an ancient druid who has some magical connection to the very force of nature that produces the echoes that pass through the gauntlet of time itself. In this regard, this time around Corniel has surpassed himself with one of his most enduring albums.

- Raul da Gama

Xiomara Mayoral (feat. Victor Garcia)


   I would like to announce the launching of my first Salsa single “Xiomara Mayoral” featuring Victor Garcia (La Sonora Sanjuanera) from Puerto Rico on vocals. This is a production along with Agustin Someillan Garcia who was the producer, arrangement & engineer recorded at Sonority Music Studios in Union City, N.J. Although my previous recordings are of Latin Jazz, I wanted to re-visit my Salsa roots and come out with a single that I hope all of you will enjoy.

You Tube Video of Xiomara Mayoral 

Xiomara Mayoral (feat. Victor Garcia) - YouTube

Land Of The Descendants


The creativity of the musicians and personnel on this project far surpassed my expectations and the result is a product that I hope will be pivotal in the forever changing face of Latin Jazz in New York City. I am truly indebted to my musicians and to you, my fans and friends. Thank you for your dedication to this project, and for your love and respect.

Wilson “Chembo” Corniel, Jr.
February, 2016

Afro Blue Monk


This 2012 release features special invited guest 2012 NEA Jazz Master Award recipient Jimmy Owens on trumpet, the vocal stylings and lyrics of Ileana Santamaria and pianist and musical co-producer Elio Villafranca.

Things I Wanted To Do

“This is wonderful work from top to bottom, and I can’t remember a newly released Latin-Jazz album I’ve enjoyed this much. It’s energetic but heavily romantic and furtively old-fashioned. “ – Marc Meyers,
2010 Grammy  Nominated

For the Rest of Your Life


“This CD will surely be met with critical acclaim for its ability to transcend yet incorporate so many genres and styles of Jazz and Latin music.” – Cathy Gruenfelder, Jazz Improv Magazine

Portrait in Rhythms


“10 scorching tracks that will have you begging for mercy. From Bomba to straight ahead Jazz, Corniel & Chaworó cover all corners of the music and leaves no prisoners behind.” – Javier Rivera, Editor – Oasis